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High-fidelity electrical interface connections for your ATE

Better electrical interface performance is required to keep pace with more stringent requirements of testing high-performance devices. These improvements also are necessary to minimize yield lost to marginal signal integrity while testing instruments with performance requirements that are becoming more stringent.

Your test results improve when you use the right interface, meticulously designed, properly manufactured and tested.

The inTEST EMS Difference

High Fidelity and Accuracy

inTEST EMS Interface solutions precisely match interface performance to your test requirements
and the conditions where your test will be conducted.

General Purpose PPR

One of the most used interfaces in the semiconductor industry.

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Proven interface solutions for popular ATE platforms that are configurable up to 6,400 pins.

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CentaurTM PPR

For use on the ETS364/ETS600 testers and many other mixed-signal semiconductor test systems.

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High Power Test Interface Solutions

The High Power pogo ring has up to 16 modules of 50 probes each. Each probe is rated for up to 5 Amps DC.

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Mechanical Accessories

inTEST EMS supplies a wide range of hinge mechanisms, adapter rings, ring inserts, and probe card trays for top and bottom loading (automatic card changing) applications.

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Engineered for Performance and Reliability


inTEST EMS state-of-the-art designs give you wider bandwidths, lower cross talk, and tightly controlled impedance. Improved durability of interface hardware is required including further improvements in reducing damage to fragile electrical components during normal use, increasing the wear life of mechanical docking hardware, reducing the complexity and the time to repair both electrical and mechanical interface components, etc.

And offering solutions for extreme temperature.

inTEST EMS has products that are specifically designed and manufactured to maintain tolerances and specifications from the very cold (-55°C) to the extremely hot (+200°C) temperatures.

Higher uptime and more consistent results

inTEST EMS Interface solutions deliver world-class precision engineering, unsurpassed MDI (Manipulator, Docking, Interface) integration, and the industry’s best service and support for a full range of applications.
Hard Dock Wafer Prober Interfaces
Cabled Wafer Probing Interfaces
Probe Card & PIB Stiffeners
Test Head Adapters
Test Head Electromechanical Systems
Ultra-High Pin Count Interfaces

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