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LSL Manipulator

With a weight capacity up to 1,200 kgs. / 2,645 lbs.

The LSL is a dedicated probe-only manipulator, compatible with industry standard probers. Eliminate the physical jockeying and positioning of large test heads. 

Enable an intelligent test cell environment to improve the efficiency of the test floor.

Key Features

Programmed to docking position within 0.76mm (.03" ) X, Y, and Z
Programmable access to DUT Interface for engineering or Test Head Instruments for maintenance
Multiple, simultaneous motions possible to allow for the tightest travel path
7 motions motorized and under pendant control (Vertical, X, Y, Swing, Tumble, Theta and Cable Management)
Requires isolation plate

Compatible Testers

The LSL Manipulator is equipped to handle up to 1200 kg. It supports testers from the following companies, other ATE Test Heads will be investigated as requested.
NX Magnum
LSL side view

Programmable to automatically move from one position to another

Multiple, simultaneous motions possible to allow for the tightest travel path.

The LSL is programmable, allowing the user to auto position the test head to one of the four previously preset locations. 

Test Head Instrument Access
DUT Interface Access
Tester DUT Maintenance Cart
active cable management

Active Cable Management System

Due to the large number of power cables and cooling/conditioning hoses, an active cable management system was developed to minimize the cable load to the test head at all times.
Eliminate stress and cable influence on test head
Drive system moves at a variable rate to keep approximately the same tension on cables in all positions

Technical Specifications

Probe Only manipulator

Example specifications—actual specifications are application specific.

Maximum Load Rating 1200 kg (2,645 lbs)
Vertical Travel 990 mm (39")
Vertical compliance +/- 6.35 mm (1/4")
Swing 120°
Twist +/- 3°
Tumble 190°
Theta (In Cradle) +/-  1° from docked positions


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