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LS2P Manipulator

Smallest probe test cell footprint

The LS2P mounts to standard prober hinge mounts with easy access to service and engineering locations. This reduces the floor space per test cell, saving you significant capital expenses. And you’ll be able to quickly and easily set up your ATE to wafer probe.

When comparing to a universal manipulator, the LS2P Manipulator reduces your test cell footprint by up to 24%.

Key Features

Probe Only Manipulator
Motorized and compliant vertical motion for optimal docking
Quickly move from the probe to service/engineering positions
Designed for wafer probe

Compatible Testers

The LS2P Manipulator docks directly to probe. Supports testers from the following companies, other ATE Test Heads will be investigated as requested.

Accurate and repeatable

The LS2P integrates easily to inTEST 4CAM or intelliDock hardware and is designed for increased ATE utilization rates, ease of use, and safety. Quickly set up ATE to wafer probe with the LS2P to improve your testing efficiency and accuracy.

Technical Specifications

The LS2P uses a cable load balancer for effective cable management and minimal floor space.

Example specifications—actual specifications are application specific.

Maximum weight capacity 180 kg. (400 lbs)
Vertical Travel 973mm (38.3")
Vertical Motion Powered lead screw, pendant supplied
Vertical compliance 30.5mm (1.2") total compliance travel [+/-  15.2mm/0.6"]
Side – Side Linear / Compliant Motion

432mm (17") Front to Rear

Swing Manual -135°
Optional inner cradle for 90° test head rotation
Other motions are adequate for aligning and planarizing the test head for docking to the prober

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