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Cobal 250 Manipulator

Counter-balanced Universal Manipulator for the Test Floor

The Cobal 250 offers the best-in-class range of motion for universal manipulators with seven degrees of motion. Separate linear movements make it easier for the operator to dock, undock, and redock the test head in seconds. In combination with inTEST EMS docking, the Cobal 250 is compatible with testers for both Wafer Sort and Final Test, minimizing the time and cost when moving a tester between Sort and Final Test.

Less setup time = less downtime.

Key Features

Make each motion independently and separately from all other motions.
Low-force compliance motions accurately position the test head so that docking can be smoothly and easily engaged.
Range of motion allows the user the most flexibility in docking to the widest range of peripheral equipment

Compatible Testers

The Cobal 250 is optimized for test heads up to 250 Kg and supports testers from the following companies:
National Instruments

Modular Design for Flexibility

Available options:
Powered Vertical, In-Out, Twist, and Tumble motions
Extended travel linear sliding base (up to 1,000mm [39.37"] of travel available)
Left-hand or right-hand swing configurations are available
Hand-cranked tumble
Hand-cranked twist
Reduced footprint (shorter cradle for smaller floorplan)
Integrated base with test cabinet
In combination with inTEST EMS designed docking and interface solutions, the Cobal 250 provides truly seamless MDI (Manipulator, Docking, Interface) integration.

Technical Specifications

Linear motions for best positioning accuracy. 
Example specifications—actual specifications are application specific.

  Standard High Capacity
Weight 160 kg. / 350 lbs.  250 kg. / 550 lbs.  
Vertical Travel 991 mm / 39"  991 mm / 39" 
Vertical compliance 38 mm / +/- 1.5"   38 mm / +/- 1.5"  
Side – Side Linear / Compliant Motion 114 mm / 4.5"   114 mm / 4.5” 
In – Out Linear / Compliant Motion 381 mm / 15"  381 mm / 15"  
Swing 190° 190°
Twist 190° 190°
Tumble 190° 190°
Theta (In Cradle) +/- 2.5° +/- 2.5°
Empty Weight 431 kg. / 950 lbs.  431 kg. / 950 lbs. 
Weight with Full Load (+Weights) 771 kg. / 1,700 lbs.  953 kg. / 2,100 lbs. 


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