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inTEST Corporation

inTEST Corporation is a technology company with an emphasis on engineered solutions used in electronics testing
& production and industrial manufacturing.

Global Supplier of Innovative Test and Process Solutions

inTEST Corporation is headquartered in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Products are manufactured in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands. Marketing and support activities are conducted worldwide from facilities in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands, and the U.K.

We primarily serve a wide range of markets including automotive, defense/aerospace, industrial, life sciences, security and semiconductor. Products are engineered and manufactured from three business units: Process Technologies, Environmental Technologies, and Electronic Test.

Electronic Test

EMS-inTEST Products Logo--primary
At inTEST EMS, we design, manufacture, and market products that are used by semiconductor manufacturers to test their integrated circuits and wafer products. Since 1981, our solutions have grown to include test head manipulators, docking hardware, and test interfaces that enable automated test systems and device handling equipment to connect with accuracy, repeatability and safety with industry best ease of operation. We serve end-user and OEM customers through a worldwide network of sales and service. 
Acculogic designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of systems and instruments for testing electronic devices, circuit boards and systems. Acculogic’s services and products are used to validate designs, ensure the integrity of prototypes, improve production processes and yields, and deliver defect-free final products.

Process Technologies

Ambrell Corporation is a global leader in the induction heating market offering induction heating solutions for any application. Systems are available from 500 Watts to 1000 kW with various frequency options, workhead choices, and optional accessories.
Videology is a designer of industrial-grade embedded video cameras, related devices, and systems. Videology’s cameras are used in a broad spectrum of applications: bio-medical devices, life sciences, aerospace, diagnostic imaging, and many more. Videology specializes in meeting the custom requirements of OEMs and large-scale integrators and excels in integrating industry-proven CMOS sensors, interfaces, and cutting-edge design.

Environmental Technologies

inTEST Thermal Solutions (iTS) specializes in the design and manufacture of precision temperature control systems. ITS is recognized globally for its expertise in precise temperature control and simulation of extreme thermal environments, from –185 to +500°C, with rapid transitions or long dwell times. The iTS family includes four product brands: Temptronic, Sigma Systems, Thermonics, and North Sciences.

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